New Media Egologies

Juan Martín Prada, CSNI external researcher associate, has contributed a paper titled New Media Egologies in the 6th issue of the journal Re-visiones. 

This article addresses the notion of the web as a mirrored sphere.
The debate about the primacy of a psychomorphic vision of reality, associated with the use …

Museums, scholarly enterprise and global assemblages

Andrew Dewdney has contributed a paper Museums, scholarly enterprise and global assemblages: a response to ‘Artifacts and allegiances: how museums put the nation and the world on display’ in Identities Volume 24, Issue 1. 

This discussion of ‘Artifacts and Allegiances: how museums put the nation and the world on display’

CSNI at Fundació Foto Colectania

CSNI researchers Annet Dekker and Katrina Sluis will be joining Marco de Mutiis of FotoMuseum Winterthur on Tuesday 13th February, 7pm to discuss “the new artefacts of the image” as part of Foto Colectania’s digital platform Done:

Our relationship with images is transforming at high speed due to the proliferation

BBC Radio 4: Powerpointless

CSNI Researcher Katrina Sluis was recently interviewed for the BBC Radio 4 Programme ‘PowerPointless’, a documentary on the culture and aesthetics of Microsoft PowerPoint. She discussed the production of the 2016 Media Wall project PowerPoint Polemics at The Photographers’ Gallery and the contribution of artists including Clunie Reid.

Listen …

Alan Warburton: Goodbye Uncanny Valley

CSNI Researcher Alan Warburton has just released a new video essay online

It’s 2017 and computer graphics have conquered the Uncanny Valley, that strange place where things are almost real… but not quite. After decades of innovation, we’re at the point where we can conjure just about anything with software.