ServPub workshop #1

ServPub is an experimental platform for research and practice on experimental and computational publishing, to reflect collectively on affective infrastructures, minor tech and autonomous networks within, and beyond, institutional constraints. We begin this process with a workshop at Creative Computing Institute, on 26th June, 12.00-17.00.

ServPub will be run by …

Computational writing & publishing talk/workshop

On 21 April, 13.00-18.00, NICA/RMeS Workshop with Geoff Cox and Winnie Soon, at Utrecht University, hosted by David Gauthier.

The procedural qualities of both writing and coding lend themselves to the sharing of resources, collective actions, and social exchange through the use of experimental publishing tools such as wiki-to-print and git repositories. This …

Call for new funded PhD in collaboration with The Photographers’ Gallery

Centre for the Study of the Networked Image (CSNI) at London South Bank University in collaboration with The Photographers’ Gallery, London, invites applications for a fully-funded PhD scholarship to commence September 2023. Deadline for applications is 10 March.

Image and text: Semiosis of the photographic image in networked culture (Ref: SEMIOSIS-ACI)

Toward a Minor Tech – group presentation & publication launch at transmediale

Presentations and launch of publication at transmediale, Akademie der Künste, Berlin, on 2nd Feb, 11.00-12.30. Following a process of open exchanges and a three-day research workshop in London, at London South Bank University and King’s College, London, the presentation/publication brings together researchers who address the problems of technological scale, …

Toward a Minor Tech – public talks by Marloes de Valk & Tung-Hui Hu

As part of Toward a Minor Tech workshop at London South Bank University and King’s College, London (18-20 Jan 2023), there will be public talks by Marloes de Valk and Tung-Hui Hu. All welcome.

Marloes de Valk – Damaged Earth Catalog: Technological Strategies and Critique for a Depleted World

Digital Lethargy – talk and book launch – new date

Please join us for the launch of Tung-Hui Hu’s new book Digital Lethargy: Dispatches from an Age of Disconnection (MIT Press 2022) at 18.00, on 19th January 2023, at The Photographers’ Gallery. Book at

Sometimes, interacting with digital platforms, we want to be passive—in those moments of dissociation …

Museums Without Walls – conference participation

CSNI researchers Teodora Fartan and Paula Roush will both participate in the Museums Without Walls conference at Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada, August 15-17, with keynotes by Michael Connor (Rhizome), Sarah Kenderdine (Experimental Museology Lab / EPFL), Pippin Barr (Concordia University), and Sara Diamond (OCAD University). The publicity materials state: “In …