Machine Vision’s Visions, roundtable discussion

Machine Vision’s Visions, roundtable discussion
Wednesday 17 February, 19:00 London / 20:00 Berlin / 14:00 NYC
Participants: Peter Bell, Tega Brain, Leonardo Impett, Fabian Offert

Register via this link.

The project Curating Photography in the Networked Image Economy studies the networked image and its various intersections with curating, and has been …

Parallel Library – presentation and workshop

Simon Browne will introduce his project the bootleg library and run a workshop on building a parallel library for CSNI and The Photographers’ Gallery on the networked image. Book a place at

Presentation: The Bootleg Library, Thursday 26th November, 18:00-19:30
(Recording of the talk can be found …

ISEA workshop blog: ‘Caring networks: reframing preservation within networked art practices’ by Lozana Rossenova

Organizers Sarah Cook and Roddy Hunter were joined by artists, curators, archivists and an international group of graduate students to jointly investigate the question of preserving networked art practices during the ISEA 2020 virtual conference. The organizers conceived of such practices in a broad sense, spanning beyond art on the …

Research Refusal – call for participation

As part of an ongoing collaboration between transmediale festival Berlin, Aarhus University and shifting research institutions, we are seeking proposals by research groups to collaboratively research refusal. Organised by transmediale festival, Digital Aesthetics Research Center/Aarhus University (Christian Ulrik Andersen), and Centre for the Study of the Networked Image/London South …

Crowds and …

Join us online on 4th November at 15.00 for our next research event which marks the initial stages of a new project exploring a contemporary reimagining of the crowd. We will hear from CSNI’s Simon Terrill and guest speaker Jane Hall from Assemble. Jane will introduce Legacy Russell’s text Glitch

Christopher Kulendran Thomas and Annika Kuhlman

The COVID-19 pandemic has been yet another turning point in the history of the internet and our reliance upon it. Galleries and arts institutions are looking anew at how we might use technology for expanded curatorial methodologies. This screening and discussion with the artists takes Christopher Kulendran Thomas and Annika Kuhlmann’s film installation Being Human

The underground is no longer (or never was) the exclusive realm of technocrats or geophysics experts

Talk by Helen Pritchard @Borough Road Gallery, 17.00, 5th February 2020. All welcome.

The contemporary infrastructural complex of mining and measuring undergrounds depends on software tools for geological data handling, interpretation, and 3D-visualisation. Such tools power techno-colonial subsurface exploration with computational techniques and paradigms. In this talk I will present …

Naming can also be a covering over

Talk by Laura Hopes @Borough Road Gallery, 17.00, 8th January 2020. All welcome.

In this talk I explore the power dynamics inherent within the naming of something; the conferring of ownership, of defining accessibility to or relationships with a subject. Central to this examination is the theoretical and political sleight …