Screen Walk & Workshop with Aymeric Mansoux and Roel Roscam Abbing

Screen Walk: One-click install to autonomy?
Wednesday 30 June 18.00 BST

Join Aymeric Mansoux and Roel Roscam Abbing in a live-streamed presentation.

How can art and culture offer online spaces outside of corporate platforms and infrastructures, and what does it involve? Aymeric Mansoux and Roel Roscam Abbing will take …

NFTS and Photography

Marco De Mutiis (Digital Curator at Fotomuseum Winterthur) and Jon Uriarte (Curator for the Digital Programme at The Photographers’ Gallery) will attempt to map the current development of NFTs and blockchain technologies from their curatorial perspective. NFT stands for non-fungible token, a unit of data or token stored on a …

Machine Vision’s Visions, roundtable discussion

Machine Vision’s Visions, roundtable discussion
Wednesday 17 February, 19:00 London / 20:00 Berlin / 14:00 NYC
Participants: Peter Bell, Tega Brain, Leonardo Impett, Fabian Offert

Register via this link.

The project Curating Photography in the Networked Image Economy studies the networked image and its various intersections with curating, and has been …

Between Camera & Network: Art and Documentation in Post-Photographic Culture

Between Camera & Network: Art and Documentation in Post-Photographic Culture is a series of talks at The Photographers’ Gallery over three weeks in March involving artists, curators, photographers, conservators, educators, technologists and museum professionals. Each talk explores a different aspect of the changing role of photography in art and digital …

Screen walks

CSNI partner institutions Fotomuseum Winterthur and The Photographers’ Gallery have invited selected artists to perform guided explorations of specific online and digital spaces in which their core artistic research and practice takes place. Each video stream is conceived as a format blurring the boundaries between a guided tour and a …

Scales of Resistance

Daniel Alexander completed a film, tilted Scales of Resistance, which was the output of two years practice based research with Scientists at the University of Nottingham and a 3D visualisation practice called Scan Lab Projects. The scientists have developed medical devices that combat Antibiotic Resistance, and the film developed …