The underground is no longer (or never was) the exclusive realm of technocrats or geophysics experts

Talk by Helen Pritchard @Borough Road Gallery, 17.00, 5th February 2020. All welcome.

The contemporary infrastructural complex of mining and measuring undergrounds depends on software tools for geological data handling, interpretation, and 3D-visualisation. Such tools power techno-colonial subsurface exploration with computational techniques and paradigms. In this talk I will present …

Introduction to Image Datasets

CSNI researcher Nicolas Malevé has published “An Introduction to Image Datasets” for The Photographer’s Gallery’s Unthinking Photography platform. It presents some key concepts and questions that make the computer vision dataset an object of concern for photographic practitioners and institutions.

“The scale of contemporary datasets, the speed at …

Panel at Ways of Machine Seeing, University of Cambridge

Panel: “Unthinking Photography: cultural value and the networked image”
@ Ways of Machine Seeing
organised by Cambridge Digital Humanities Network, and CoDE (Cultures of the Digital Economy Research Institute) and Cambridge Big Data, 26-28 June 2017,
with Nicolas Malevé, Gaia Tedone, Katrina Sluis, Annet Dekker, Magda Tyżlik-Carver, Andrew Dewdney