Christopher Kulendran Thomas and Annika Kuhlman

The COVID-19 pandemic has been yet another turning point in the history of the internet and our reliance upon it. Galleries and arts institutions are looking anew at how we might use technology for expanded curatorial methodologies. This screening and discussion with the artists takes Christopher Kulendran Thomas and Annika Kuhlmann’s film installation Being Human

Screen walks

CSNI partner institutions Fotomuseum Winterthur and The Photographers’ Gallery have invited selected artists to perform guided explorations of specific online and digital spaces in which their core artistic research and practice takes place. Each video stream is conceived as a format blurring the boundaries between a guided tour and a …

Curating Photography in the Networked Image Economy

From 1st December 2018, the CSNI researcher Katrina Sluis will be undertaking a Swiss National Science Foundation funded research project “Curating Photography in the Networked Image Economy” in collaboration with Dr Wolfgang Brückle, Lucerne University of Applied Arts and Sciences, Fotomuseum Winterthur, FotoColectania and The Photographers’ Gallery

New Publication! Collecting and Conserving Net Art: Moving Beyond Conventional Methods

Annet Dekker recently published her new book, Collecting and Conserving Net Art, which explores the qualities and characteristics of net art and its influence on conservation practices. By addressing and answering some of the challenges facing net art and providing an exploration of its intersection with conservation, the book casts