CSNI Summer School 2018

The second annual CSNI Summer School took place in the 7th of June at Jerwood Space in London and it was a rich day of presentations and discussions. This year’s invited speakers included Dr. Geoff Cox and Dr. Magda Tyżlik-Carver who presented their current research projects and responded to the presentations by the CSNI PhD students and led the discussion during the day. The Summer School was also joined by CSNI associate researchers Adam Brown and Simon Terrill from London South Bank University (LSBU), Dr. Elena Marchevska, head of the Centre of Digital Storymaking at LSBU as well as Dr Cayo Honorato from University of Brasilia.

See below the schedule of the day for an idea of the topics covered and discussed:

10.00 Introduction by Andrew Dewdney, Katrina Sluis, Annet Dekker

10.20 Dr. Magda Tyzlik-Carver, “Post-human curating”

10.45 Nicolas Malevé, “Variations on a glance – The Caltech experiment”

[11.15: mid morning break]

11.30 Gaia Tedone, “Curating the networked image: portfolio submission” 

11.50 Zeta Kolokythopoulou, “Tracing the effects of new media technologies in performance documentation: a literature review”

12.10 Simon Terrill, “Crowd Theory project: architecture, identity, community and a performance of self”

[12.45: Lunch]

13.30 Dr. Geoff Cox – “Now-time”

14.00 Dr. Cayo Honorato, “Cultural mediation and museum education: the relationship between art, education and politics”

14.30 Nicola Baird, “New approaches to David Bomberg”

14.50 Carolyn Defrin, “Looking Out Looking In”

[15.15 Mid-afternoon break]

15.30 Jeannette Ginslov, ‘DIGITAL SOMA: INTRUSIONS and EXTRUSIONS: How may wearable biosensor and visualising technology be adapted to make visible, invisible experiential states of relational flow, when dancing a “hyperstate”?’

15.50 Adam Brown, ‘P3 Prototyping Prize’

16.10 Dr Elena Marchevska, ‘Centre for Research in Digital Storymaking’

16.30 Plenary

17.15 Finish