Post-Capitalist Photography Now!

In dialogue with The Photographers’ Gallery exhibition All I Know Is What’s On The Internet, the one day symposium Post-Capitalist Photography Now! explored issues around photography’s capacity to challenge neoliberalism and bring alternative systems into view, and the roles of public institutions and the art world in such a context.

Questions addressed include: How do we make sense of photography’s relationship to corporate power? Do participatory photographic cultures serve the interests of global capital or provide potential sites for resistance? In what ways can we think about photography as work? And does computational culture extend, disrupt or intensify photography’s historical relationships to post-Fordist capitalism?

The full programme of the symposium is available here and you can watch the video documentation here.

Presented by The Photographers’ Gallery in collaboration with The Centre for Photography and Visual Culture, University of Sussex & The Centre for the Study of the Networked Image, London South Bank University.