Hybrid publishing workshop

Geoff Cox and Winnie Soon co-organised the workshop “Making hybrid publications using Git and web technologies” with St├ęphanie Vilayphiou and Gijs de Heij from OSP (Open Source Publishing, Brussels), at Aarhus University, 28-29 October. This special mode of publishing is based on Git as a version-control system, managing changes to documents, computer programs, large websites and other collection of information and materials. Git is commonly used for software tracking and code repository, but with a potential to consider it as a publication platform that can run and customize software. As such, the interest is to think about how Git can contribute to knowledge production and academic publication especially incorporating software and source. The workshop informs the design of a book that Geoff and Winnie are currently working on entitled Aesthetic Programming (to be published by Open Humanities Press later in 2020).