Operational Images: Surface, Measure, Scale

The next CSNI research event includes a talk by Jussi Parikka and a discussion of a co-written article with Abelardo Gil-Fournier. Join us online at 15.00 UK time, 3rd June 2020. This is a closed event for CSNI researchers but if you’d like to join us please email us (mail at centreforthestudyof.net).

This session will introduce the Operational Images project (2019-2023) situated in the department of Photography at the Academy of Performing Arts, Prague. The project mobilizes contemporary scholarship of photography and especially works with the notion of the operational image that stems primarily from film maker Harun Farocki’s work. The project is less however about Farocki and his oeuvre than the affordances and the potentials of the concept to outline contemporary perspectives to visual culture and historical genealogies that work with themes of automated, measured, calculated images, as well as questions of surface. Hence, in this session, I want to talk about the project and some of the subprojects and book projects including the forthcoming Photography off the Scale book (Edinburgh University Press, 2021) co-edited with Tomas Dvorak and my collaboration with Abelardo Gil-Fournier on questions of surfaces.

Jussi Parikka is Visiting Professor at FAMU at the Academy of Performing Arts, Prague and Professor of Technological Culture and Aesthetics at the Winchester School of Art (University of Southampton). He has written on media archaeology, questions of ecology and animals, as well as on post-digital culture among other topics. Recent he co-authored the short booklet Remain (2019, Meson Press and University of Minnesota Press) and forthcoming books include the co-authored The Lab Book: Situated Practices in Media Studies (2021, University of Minnesota Press, with Darren Wershler and Lori Emerson) and the co-edited Photography Off the Scale (Edinburgh University Press, 2021, with Tomas Dvorak). http://jussiparikka.net

image: Harun Farocki, Eye/Machine I, still from video, 2001.