The Politics of the Networked Image in Collaborative Research

CSNI Meeting 1st July 15.00 – 17.00 (UK Time): The Politics of the Networked Image in Collaborative Research

The next CSNI meeting will take place on Wednesday the 1st of July, and will be launching a new research initiative between CSNI and Unthinking Photography (The Photographers’ Gallery), titled The Politics of the Networked Image in Collaborative Research.

The project, lead by Dr. Ioanna Zouli, emanates from the recognition that over the past two decades the conditions of knowledge have been radically changed by global technological communication and datafication. The networked image is a focus for the actions of data and their wider ecologies of operation, while the network is a descriptor of dynamic social relations as much as technological infrastructure. The networked image represents, therefore, a conceptual lens through which emerging forms of cultural value can be identified. On this basis, the project addresses two initial questions: (1) what are the politics of networked images, or, doing cultural politics through images; and (2) what are the politics of networking and the image as a set of relations of things.   

With a particular focus on institutional knowledge production, the meeting will by chaired by Dr.Ioanna Zouli who will shortly introduce the collaborative research project and include 5 min presentations from Nicola Baird, Carolyn Defrin, Victoria Ivanova, and Lozana Mehandzhiyska focusing upon the politics of researching in and with an organisation.

The readings for this session are:
John Law & John Urry (2004) “Enacting the social”, Economy and Society, 33:3, 390-410.
Jodi Dean (2016) “Faces as Commons The Secondary Visuality of Communicative Capitalism”, Open! Platform for Art, Culture & the Public Domain, [Online]

Dr. Ioanna Zouli is a digital producer, curator and researcher on digital and networked cultures. Her PhD, was a collaborative research between Tate and London South Bank University; an embedded ethnography at Tate exploring the contemporary art museum’s understanding(s) of digital and network culture. Since 2016, she is the editor of, the online platform of The Photographers’ Gallery digital programme. She is also currently working as an associate researcher in the post-doctorate research project, Centre of New Media & Feminist Public Practices based in the School of Architecture, University of Thessaly, Greece.

Image: Recreating Edward Munch’s The Scream at home during quarantine, as part of the Getty Museum Challenge. Image from the Instagram account tussenkunstenquarantaine, originally created by Lunéville & Vous.