A Peer-Reviewed Journal About Research Networks

The latest issue of A Peer-Reviewed Journal About Research Networks is out now. Published by Aarhus University in partnership with transmediale, and edited by Christian Ulrik Andersen and Geoff Cox, contributions are from Sudipto Basu, Wenhao Bi, Nicola Bozzi, Iuliia Glushneva, Rebecca Holt, Özgün Eylül İşcen, Linda Kronman, Wing Ki Lee, Juan Pablo Pacheco, Cristina Ribas, Giseli Vasconcellos, and Tatiana Wells. CSNI was one of the collaborating institutions for this year’s workshop, from which the journal is derived.


Christian Ulrik Andersen & Geoff Cox – Editorial: Before and After the Network

Sudipto Basu – On the Ends of the Network as a Zone of Friction (and Extraction)

Özgün Eylül İşcen – Revisiting Cognitive Mapping: Extractive Capitalism and Media Arts in The Middle East

Juan Pablo Pacheco – Digital Hunters: Techno-Territories in the Age of Computational Surveillance

Linda Kronman – Intuition Machines: Cognizers in Complex Human-Technical Assemblages

Nicola Bozzi – Tagging Aesthetics: From Networks to Cultural Avatars

Giseli Vasconcelos, Tatiana Wells and Cristina T. Ribas – Tactical Archives Cartography: Two Decades of Tactical Media and Art in Brazil Enhancing a Feminist Perspective

Iuliia Glushneva – Translation (Dis)junctions, or Postsocialist Connectivity: Network Language Transfer and Cyberdubbing on the Runet

Wenhao Bi – Assembling via Danmu: The Playful Networks of Bilibili

Rebecca Holt – Pornifying the Network

Wing Ki Lee – Network Unavailable: Platform, Performativity and the Everyday Life Decision-making Process in Contemporary Chinese Network Culture

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ISSN: 2245-7755

Editors: Christian Ulrik Andersen and Geoff Cox

Published by Aarhus University in partnership with transmediale
CC license: ‘Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike’