The Environmental Impacts of Digital Cultural Production

Join us online on 3rd March 2021 at 15.00 for our next research event when we hear from Dan Barnard (LSBU/Fast Familiar).

In this talk, Dan will outline some of the work he is doing as part of a project called The Networked Condition: The Environmental Impacts of Digital Cultural Production. This project, which is part of a Julie’s Bicycle/Arts Council England Accelerator programme is a collaboration between three digital cultural organisations: Fast Familiar, Abandon Normal Devices and Arts Catalyst. The three organisations are exploring the environmental impacts of digital cultural production and seeking to develop new practices, guidance and tools to help the digital arts sector become more aware of its environmental impacts and take steps to reduce them. As part of the project they are also undertaking a series of case study interviews with a range of artists and activists. The consortium is part way through this project and in this talk, Dan will outline some of the work they have done so far, are doing at present and plan to do in the future.

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Sy Taffel, “Enacting change across digital media ecologies,” in Digital Media Ecologies (Bloomsbury Academic 2019)

Dan Barnard is a Senior Lecturer at London South Bank University and one of the lead artists of Fast Familiar, a company who create artworks which are playful, participatory and political and which often use digital technology in innovative ways. Fast Familiar’s recent productions The Justice Syndicate and The Evidence Chamber have received critical acclaim from The New York Times, The Irish Times and The Stage. At LSBU, Dan leads the Digital Performance Research group. His academic writing has been published in journals including the International Journal of Performance and Digital Media, the Journal of Law and Humanities and Stanislavski Studies. He won Best Short Paper at the International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling 2018, for a presentation on Fast Familiar’s Looking for Love.

Courtesy of the artist.