Diagramming & Flowcharts workshop

Two day PhD workshop with Geoff Cox and Winnie Soon for Transart Institute, 26 & 27 June 2021, with an invited talk “Exploratory Diagramming” by Dean Kenning on 25 June.

The diagram exists in space and time, it is a material assemblage of marks and lines of thought, a map of dynamic relations. To Deleuze, the diagram is an “abstract machine” that can offer a way to read the cartography of forces in opposition, where different knowledges collide. The workshop takes these ideas as a starting point, responding to a perceived upsurge in interest in diagrams in the arts to explore diagrammatic forms of research: making reference to grids, cartography, drawing, cognitive/mind maps, flow diagrams and infographics. How might you draw an essay, a set of arguments, and lines of thought? We move from the technologies of pencils and paper to Graphviz (graph visualisation software).