Bodily Interfaces & Nanocosmic Aesthetics

Having recently been awarded a PhD from the Arts and Creative Industries Department at LSBU, Jeannette Ginslov is heading off to Malmö Sweden to begin two collaborations.

The first, Bodily Interfaces, is an AR and Screendance collaboration with Prof Susan Kozel from Malmö University, Icelandic Berlin based choreographer Margrét Sara Guðjónsdóttir and AR designer Keith Lim. This installation, Bodily Interfaces is a beta version of the prototype Conspiracy Archives – Close Encounters (2020), will be premiered in Berlin February 2022.

The second is Nanocosmic Aesthetics, a collaboration with Keith Lim, one of the 6, out of 47 applicants, that was selected for the Open Call ESS & InterArts Centre Residency. With this residency we intend to discover how bodies, microscopic visualising techniques and visual media may be re-imagined, re-visualised and re-embodied (Ihde, 2002; Kozel; 2017) using spallation technologies, neutron scattering, AR and Dance on Screen. We are interested in how nanovision may transform visual aesthetics, how humans relate to neutronic imaging, what effect it may have on lived experience and our perceptions of being human. To do this, the residency attempts to re-imagine bodily experiences and speculative futures or pasts, yet to be felt through, what we are referring to as, Nanocosmic Aesthetics. We will have creative conversations with engineers and scientists working at ESS (European Spallation Source) and think of ways to address some of the most critical societal problems of our time, through art and science. ESS is building one of the world’s leading Big Science facilities in Lund, near Malmö.

Image credits: Close Encounters Dansehallerne, foto by Soren Meisner (top); other images are screenshots by Jeannette Ginslov.