Critical Code Studies Working Group

Call for Participation CCSWG ’22, the 7th biennial Critical Code Studies Working Group, Jan 15 – Feb 14, 2022. As part of this Winnie Soon and Geoff Cox will run two threads (week of 7th Feb), firstly on their book Aesthetic Programming with a focus on its forking, and secondly on its translation into Chinese and the issues that arise from this. They are joined by Ren Yu, Lee Tzu Tung, and Shih-yu Hsu.

CCSWG is the major online think tank for Critical Code Studies, a hub of dialogue and collaborative inquiry that generates major thrust in the reading of code. The threads from previous CCSWGs were published in electronic book review, and this year we are opening the forum itself to all, though only participants can post. Past discussions have led to books, such as (10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10), essays, and conference panels, and of course Critical Code Studies. Join us for explorations for the intersections of computer source code and the humanities.

Planned topics for this year include: code and fibre arts (sewing, weaving, quilting); anti-racist code critiques; code and (post)colonialism; code accessibility, inclusivity, & community; along with creative coding.

Discussion leaders will include:
Anne Sullivan and Anastasia Salter; Nick Montfort; Winnie Soon and Geoff Cox; micha cárdenas 

To apply: Fill out this form
You will need to include:

Institutional Affiliation (if any)
One-sentence bio
Past work or study in code or Critical Code Studies
(Recommended) Proposed Code Critique thread or related discussion

A “code critique” is a segment of code (or entire program) you wish to offer for discussion by the working group. You can see examples of code critiques in these HASTAC threads.

Notice of acceptance will be given by Jan. 8.  Participants may be asked to be designated respondents.

CCSWG is sponsored by the Humanities and Critical Code Studies (HaCCS) Lab at the University of Southern California. (@haccs) and Digital Arts & Humanities Commons at UC Santa Barbara. 

Coordinated by Sarah Ciston (USC), Zachary Mann (USC), Jeremy Douglass (UCSB), and Mark C. Marino (USC).