AI & Society Special Issue: Ways of Machine Seeing

At long last the special issue of AI & Society has been published, edited by Mitra Azar, Geoff Cox, and Leonardo Impett. Alongside our introduction, it includes contributions from María Jesús Schultz Abarca, Peter Bell, Tobias Blanke, Benjamin Bratton, Claudio Celis Bueno, Kate Crawford, Iain Emsley, Abelardo Gil-Fournier, Daniel Chávez Heras, Vladan Joler, Nicolas Malevé, Lev Manovich, Nicholas Mirzoeff, Perle Møhl, Bruno Moreschi, Fabian Offert, Trevor Paglan, Jussi Parikka, Luciana Parisi, Matteo Pasquinelli, Gabriel Pereira, Carloalberto Treccani, Rebecca Uliasz, and Manuel van der Veen.

AI & Society: Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Communication
Special Issue: Ways of Machine Seeing
Edited by Mitra Azar, Geoff Cox, and Leonardo Impett
Volume 36, issue 4, December 2021
Pages: 1093 – 1312

Introduction: ways of machine seeing
Mitra Azar (Aarhus University), Geoff Cox (London South Bank University), Leonardo Impett (University of Cambridge)
Published: 20 February 2021
Pages: 1093 – 1104

On the data set’s ruins
Nicolas Malevé (London South Bank University)
Original Article Open Access
Published: 11 November 2020
Pages: 1117 – 1131

Perceptual bias and technical metapictures: critical machine vision as a humanities challenge
Fabian Offert (University of California, Santa Barbara), Peter Bell (Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg)
Original Article Open Access
Published: 12 October 2020
Pages: 1133 – 1144

Computer vision, human senses, and language of art
Lev Manovich (City University of New York)
Original Article
Published: 22 November 2020
Pages: 1145 – 1152

On machine vision and photographic imagination
Daniel Chávez Heras (King’s College London), Tobias Blanke (University of Amsterdam)
Original Article Open Access
Published: 17 November 2020
Pages: 1153 – 1165

The brain, the artificial neural network and the snake: why we see what we see
Carloalberto Treccani (City University Hong Kong)
Original Article
Published: 12 September 2020
Pages: 1167 – 1175

Memo Akten’s Learning to See: from machine vision to the machinic unconscious
Claudio Celis Bueno (Universidad Academia de Humanismo Cristiano, Santiago), María Jesús Schultz Abarca (Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Santiago)
Original Article
Published: 23 September 2020
Pages: 1177 – 1187

Crossroads of seeing: about layers in painting and superimposition in Augmented Reality
Manuel van der Veen (State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe)
Original Article Open Access
Published: 26 September 2020
Pages: 1189 – 1200

Artificial intelligence and institutional critique 2.0: unexpected ways of seeing with computer vision
Gabriel Pereira (Aarhus University), Bruno Moreschi (University of São Paulo)
Original Article
Published: 14 September 2020
Pages: 1201 – 1223

Causality, poetics, and grammatology: the role of computation in machine seeing
Iain Emsley (University of Sussex)
Original Article Open Access
Published: 09 September 2020
Pages: 1225 – 1231

Seeing like an algorithm: operative images and emergent subjects
Rebecca Uliasz (Duke University)
Original Article
Published: 16 September 2020
Pages: 1233 – 1241

Seeing threats, sensing flesh: human–machine ensembles at work
Perle Møhl (Copenhagen Academy for Medical Education and Simulation)
Original Article
Published: 09 September 2020
Pages: 1243 – 1252

Ground truth to fake geographies: machine vision and learning in visual practices
Abelardo Gil-Fournier (FAMU, Prague), Jussi Parikka (Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton)
Original Article Open Access
Published: 07 November 2020
Pages: 1253 – 1262

Correction to: Ground truth to fake geographies: machine vision and learning in visual practices
Published: 21 December 2020

The Nooscope manifested: AI as instrument of knowledge extractivism
Matteo Pasquinelli (Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design), Vladan Joler (University of Novi Sad)
Original Article Open Access
Published: 21 November 2020
Pages: 1263 – 1280

Negative optics in vision machines
Luciana Parisi (Duke University)
Original Article
Published: 05 November 2020
Pages: 1281 – 1293

Artificial vision, white space and racial surveillance capitalism
Nicholas Mirzoeff (New York University)
Published: 06 November 2020
Pages: 1295 – 1305

AI urbanism: a design framework for governance, program, and platform cognition
Benjamin Bratton (University of California, San Diego)
Open Forum
Published: 07 February 2021
Pages: 1307 – 1312

Correction to: Excavating AI: the politics of images in machine learning training sets
Kate Crawford (University of Southern California/Microsoft Research New York), Trevor Paglen (University of Georgia)
Published: 23 November 2021
Pages: 1399 – 1399