Rendering Research livestream

Research Workshop 2022 as part of transmediale festival for art and digital culture, 27.01.2022, 15:00–17:00 CET (14.00 UK time), livestreamed at

The workshop investigates how the rendering of research typically reinforces certain limitations of thought and action, and more specifically asks to what extent it is possible to exert control over ways of making things public. Participants will present initial reflections based on their ongoing research. More details at

Presentations by Alexandra Anikina, Clareese Hill & Elly Clarke, Kyveli Mavrokordopoulou & Agnès Villette, Yasmine Boudiaf, One Research Collective (Andrea Macias-Yañez, Séverine Chapelle, Caterina Selva, Giovanna Reder, Sanjana Varghese), Cassandra Collective (Chiara Di Leone, Laura Cugusi & Anastasiia Noga), Rachel Falconer, Lee Tzu Tung, Hanna Grześkiewicz, Ruben van de Ven, The Re:Source Project (Anne Lee Steele & Miriam Matthiessen), Malthe Stavning Erslev, Vítor Blanco-Fernández, Castillo & AMOQA, Sheung Yiu, Paul Bailey.

The workshop presentation will take place as a livestreamed online event. Q&A and discussion with the participants will be possible through the transmediale Telegram group, and through a collaborative writing pad hosted by Varia.

Organized by Digital Aesthetics Research Center, Aarhus University, in collaboration with Centre for the Study of the Networked Image, London South Bank University, École de recherche graphique in Brussels, and transmediale festival for digital art & culture.

Live Streaming Stats: 100 Viewers joined the Live Streaming of the workshop at 15:00. There are viewers from 19 different countries. Update at 15:30, the stream was started 190 times. Update at 16:30, the stream was started 400 times, the access was made from 230 different internet connections (service providers/accounts) from 20 countries.