My love for the legendary generator

Join us on Wednesday 1st June 2022 at 15.00 at LSBU (room BR-101 at LSBU, 103 Borough Road) and online at, for our next research event with Winnie Soon. All welcome. generator is not just only generating art, but also generating discourses over time. The artwork, created by Cornelia Sollfrank in 1997, is a computer program to collect and recombine images from the internet to create a new collage. Winnie Soon has been involved in updating and maintaining the latest version, 5b, written in PERL program since 2017. In 2022, Cornelia and Winnie released the experimental project entitled nag_Bash to explore human/machine agency in image generation and automation. The talk will focus on Winnie’s love for the legendary generator from the perspective of an artistic coder. 

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Winnie Soon is an artistic coder and researcher interested in queering the intersections of technical and artistic practices, engaging with topics like queer code and coding, digital censorship, experimental diagramming and software publishing. They are currently based in Denmark and working as Associate Professor at Aarhus University. 

“Introduction” & “Service Not Available” in Fix my Code (2021) by Cornelia Sollfrank and Winnie Soon, download the open access e-book here:

image: anonymous-warhol_flowers@Oct_24_09.00.07_2021.jpg