Discussion: A Curatorial Reading Group Residency?

Friday 27 May, 10-12

In this session the curatorial reading group reflects on some of the ideas around the online residency raised in previous sessions, and discusses if there is interest in initiating its own digital residency within an online programme, and the forms that this could take.

This is being proposed in relation to ‘Triangle Network Forum – Shaping Grounds’ and to Rosie’s research, which has been considering the Triangle Network through online networked practices as part of her collaborative PhD project with LSBU, Royal College of Art and Gasworks. Triangle Network Forum is a three-day event series that offers up a series of insights, propositions and open questions that emerge from the organisational practices and conditions of Triangle Network partners.

Triangle Network is a global network of artists and visual arts organisations that support professional development and cultural exchange amongst artists, curators and other arts professionals throughout the world.