Call for new funded PhD in collaboration with The Photographers’ Gallery

Centre for the Study of the Networked Image (CSNI) at London South Bank University in collaboration with The Photographers’ Gallery, London, invites applications for a fully-funded PhD scholarship to commence September 2023. Deadline for applications is 10 March.

Image and text: Semiosis of the photographic image in networked culture (Ref: SEMIOSIS-ACI).

This is a collaborative partnership to extend our work on computer vision and its relationship to photographic practice and theory, and what this implies to the analysis of visual culture which has been historically underpinned by linguistic metaphors (e.g., semiotics). It subsequently asks how to conceive of visual literacy that is problematised by developments in AI vision-language models. Put simply, the project examines the changing relations between what we see and what we know, and how the notion of visual literacy needs to adapt to new conditions in which images and texts have become interchangeable in multimodal machine learning.

Alongside the developments in vision-language models, we are also interested in proposals that more broadly approach the relations between networked images and text. We are particularly interested in investigating images as coded data, critically analysing the impact of images as measure for audience metrics and understanding the problems around image labelling and categorisation. Other research questions might explore the diverse and evolving digital folklore in relationship with their aesthetic, political and social context; the problems of archiving and documenting digital-born art; and exploring experimental publishing strategies and technologies.

These topics are not exhaustive of our interests and are used here as illustrations. Proposals should indicate what your research topic responds to, what question and problems it addresses and an initial suggestion of method and approach. Proposals can be practice-based, empirical fieldwork and/or theoretical in nature.

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