Computational writing & publishing talk/workshop

On 21 April, 13.00-18.00, NICA/RMeS Workshop with Geoff Cox and Winnie Soon, at Utrecht University, hosted by David Gauthier.

The procedural qualities of both writing and coding lend themselves to the sharing of resources, collective actions, and social exchange through the use of experimental publishing tools such as wiki-to-print and git repositories. This points to conceiving a publication (such as a book) as a dynamic computational object that is open for re-versioning. Given these possibilities with computation, and despite the trend towards open access, it seems odd that relatively little has changed in academic publishing and scholars still seek to distribute their work through journals even when more accessible and sustainable forms are available. Similarly, workflows tend to follow a model that remains relatively unchanged since industrialism. The presentation explores these concerns through some of our recent projects, including the co-authored book Aesthetic Programming (2020). Our examples examine a parallel between writing and coding, attempting to open up the aesthetic and political potential of publishing as a cultural practice in which books can be coded, written, read and published as dynamic networked objects, not fixed in terms of attribution or commodity form or specific determination.

During the workshop we will engage with publishing software from the Varia collective.

The public is invited to attend a lecture from 13:00-14:30 (no registration required). The workshop also coincides with the International Conference on Live Coding (ICLC) which presents live coding concerts in Utrecht.

This event is co-supported by Utrecht University’s Governing the Digital Society focus area.

See the results of the workshop here: