Virtual Elsewheres – talk by Teodora Sinziana

On Friday 08 September, 18.30-20.00 at The Photographers’ Gallery, as part of TPG Friday Lates, CSNI researcher Teodora Sinziana will take part in the panel Between Worlds. Join both Teodora Sinziana and Nick Murray to discuss ideas around the death of digital spaces and the creation of ‘virtual elsewheres’. For more details and booking, see

Teodora Sinziana presents a look at her practice and research into ways of worlding with algorithmic technologies through a screen-based talk that explores the fluid topographies of computer-mediated worlds. Attempting to think techno-geographically about cyberspace and its underlying, less visible architectures, the presentation will navigate through a series of digital ephemera, experimental blueprints and snippets of world-instances, reflecting on the ways in which digital worlds produce structures of feeling. Bringing together speculative storytelling, practices of sensing and virtual space, the talk will delve into what it means to move through a ‘virtual elsewhere’, both poetically and politically – emphasising the idea that algorithmic worlds do not just represent a place that is already there with varying degrees of accuracy, but rather emerge as complex recombinant forms that enable collective engagement in speculative practices.

Image: Teodora Sinziana.