Temporalities – exhibition by Adam Brown and Cheryl Newman

Adam Brown and Cheryl Newman invite you to the opening of their exhibition “Temporalities”, at the Borough Road Gallery, LSBU. The private view is on the 14th September from 18.00, and the show runs till the 22nd September.

Artist and educationalist Cheryl Newman will be exhibiting a series of collages from Cyprus. She explores her history through thematic narratives taken from mythology, archive images and objects of devotion and loss where tension and trauma are a key. Cheryl, with assistance from Adam and Silvio from LSBU’s Virtual Engineering Suite has scanned and 3D printed votive objects from Cyprus – making reproducible models of objects intended to influence the future via faith or belief.

The exhibition also features Adam’s recent work with 3D imaging, using equipment newly acquired via LSBU’s Research Infrastructure fund. Including both object and architectural scanning, the work involves attempting to recreate the lighting conditions of a ‘lost’ artists’ studio, also documenting environmental light in Nicosia and other spaces using techniques derived from CGI lighting and rendering. The work is an experiment with bridging the worlds of photographic lighting, plein-air painting, and the lighting of CGI and games environments.

This is a visually rich show full of stories and unexpected connections.