A.I. Disruption – presentation and workshop with paula roush

Presentation and workshop by paula roush at the Photobook Week Aarhus, this year under the theme Future Revisited, to shape a new discourse around things such as Climate Change and Artificial Intelligence. Full details can be found at https://photobookweek.org/updates/pwa-ai-workshop-program/.

Online presentation + Q&A: “A.I. Disruption: Exploring Experimental Photobook Publishing with Artificial Intelligence”, Oct 29, 2023, 18:30–20:30 CEST.

In the realm of photographic practice, there has been substantial experimentation and debate surrounding generated images. Yet, one intriguing and relatively uncharted territory lies in the utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a transformative tool in experimental publishing. Rooted in avant-garde practices of détournement and meaning disruption, this online presentation aims to delve into how AI can be actively and deliberately harnessed to play a disruptive role in the field of photobook publishing. 
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Pageturner 2023 workshop: “A.I. Disruption: Artistic Inscriptions in AI-Invoked Photobook Publishing”, Nov 5 & Nov 12, 10:00–13:00; 14:00–17:00 (LIVE, via Zoom).

The 2023 Pageturner workshop explores the impact of AI on the realm of photobook publishing, with a particular focus on the artistic inscriptions that AI can invoke. Participants will dive into the diverse applications of AI in photobook creation, spanning content generation, curation, and the printing process. Drawing inspiration from AI-driven case studies, this workshop will guide participants in harnessing AI’s potential to organize image collections, enhance narratives through deep mapping, and craft speculative photobook narratives using AI-generated text prompts. Furthermore, we will delve into the dynamic landscape of AI-powered automated print-on-demand platforms, enabling cost-effective self-publishing for aspiring photobook creators. 
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Image credit: msdm