Troubling the Engine Aesthetic – Teodora Sinziana Alata

Teodora Sinziana Alata will be contributing to the “Towards an Automated Art? Learning Machines, Human Creativity and Uncertainty” international conference in Lisbon on the 24th of May, with a paper “Troubling the Engine Aesthetic: Reflections on Volumetric Visualities and the Networks that Inhabit Them”.

As an extension of her research project on practices of worlding with immersive and volumetric rendering technologies, Teodora will address the evolution of the game engine into an emergent media infrastructure producing new algorithmic visualities across macro scales that move beyond the domain of games. Reflecting on the tensions between the visuality of simulations and the blackboxed networks that underpin them, the presentation will seek to trouble the engine aesthetic by situating coded interactions as relational (rather than simply automated) processes, highlighting the poetic, agential and speculative possibilities of the networks that inhabit these algorithmic infrastructures.

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