Workshop: Build your own digital sanctuary

CSNI researcher Kendal Beynon leads a workshop focused on making digital zines within spaces that encourage creative expression and agency, 17:00 – 20:00, Thu 25 Jul 2024, at The Photographers’ Gallery.

A bedroom is more than just a room; it’s a sanctuary to truly explore and understand oneself. It serves as a map for the journey into the personal, marking the first steps into a world of self-discovery. Just as the poster-covered walls of a teenager’s room reflect their burgeoning identity, the virtual landscapes we build online provide a space to navigate our interests and beliefs, playing a crucial role in shaping who we are.

With the ethos of early 2000s homepages and personal sites such as Geocities in mind, this workshop aims to extend this concept in the form of a digital zine. Together we will explore the connections between zine culture and DIY online spaces. We’ll use Alienmelon’s virtual tool and Electric Zine Maker to create mini-zines housing our own digital sanctuaries.

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