Gabriel Pereira

Visiting Researcher (from Jan 2022)

Dr Gabriel Pereira is a Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science, funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark International Postdoc grant. His research focuses on critical studies of data, algorithms, and digital infrastructures, particularly those of computer vision.

Gabriel received his PhD in Information Studies from Aarhus University (Denmark) with a thesis on how computer vision operates hegemonically, as well as what forms of contestations and refusals are possible. This included researching how specific applications of computer vision (e.g. Automated License Plate Readers) work and what kinds of power structures they enable; as well as creating practice-based interventions that attempt to reimagine what computer vision could be. During his doctoral research, Dr Pereira was a visiting graduate student at MIT’s Global Media Technologies & Cultures Lab, led by Prof. Lisa Parks.

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