Yasmine Boudiaf

Researcher and Creative Technologist

Yasmine is a researcher and technologist focusing on AI, epistemology and the absurd. She was named as one of 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics™ 2022 and is a fellow at the Ada Lovelace Institute and the Royal Society of Arts. She was co-module leader of Linnaeus University’s ‘Data & Chaos’ course and has taught on UAL’s MA ‘Internet Equalities’ and BSc ‘Creative Computing’. She has contributed to the The Institute for Technology in the Public Interest’s ‘Infrastructural Interactions’, investigating public data infrastructures using traditional and non-traditional research methods and contributed the chapter ‘AI Justice Matrix: The Futility of Policy Craft’ to the Transmediale 2022 workshop ‘Rendering Research’.

Her artistic practice is a mix of performance, computation and writing. Her robotic sculpture ‘Safety Meme’ was exhibited at CPDP 2021 and her interactive light sculptures ‘Sentient Blobs’ were exhibited at Secret Garden Party 2022. She is part of the art collective Punk[Art]Rave and organises with No Tech For Tyrants.

Previously, Yasmine founded and ran a strategic consultancy specialising in tech interventions for talent development, with corporate clients including Quintessentially, Warner Bros, Deliveroo, Google, private banks, as well as public sector organisations.

Yasmine has no regrets. Yasmine is down to clown. Yasmine’s friends describe her as “not really a friend but someone I know”.

Website: https://yasmine-boudiaf.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/YasmineBoudiaf