Kendal Beynon

PhD researcher in partnership with The Photographers’ Gallery

Kendal Beynon is a UK-born artist, researcher & writer situated in the realm of experimental publishing and internet culture based in Rotterdam, NL. She aims to rediscover an alternative online landscape through DIY design, digital folklore, and community building, while also examining the ruins of our digital past. 

Completing a bachelor’s degree in the UK in Music Journalism, she worked in art and architecture for a number of years before returning to education, and in 2022, she received her MA degree in Experimental Publishing from the Piet Zwart Instituut, Rotterdam (Thesis: Cyberhotels and Other Tales of Forgotten Virtual Worlds). During her time studying Experimental Publishing, the Virtual Gardens research project was initiated. 

Following her graduation, Kendal co-authored an interactive fiction for the group exhibition Hypertext Hotel in SB34, Brussels, which worked with themes of neo-noir, non-linear narratives, and aspects of digital debris. When she isn’t rummaging around hidden fragments of the internet, she is working with the zine-making community through workshops or by co-organising the Rotterdam-based zine festival, Zine Camp, and creating a community of old web aficionados at Dead Web Club.