CSNI fosters transdisciplinary research with a wide public reach, and has pioneered collaborative and embedded research with the cultural sector.

CSNI is currently involved with the following funded projects:

Learning Experiments in Computer Vision and Visual Literacy (June 2022 ->) is a public engagement project funded by The Alan Turing Institute, with a core team of Geoff Cox (CSNI), Annie Davey (UCL Institute of Education), Yasmine Boudiaf (Justice Matrix), Nicolas Malevé (CSNI/Constant), and collaborating teachers, with support from The Photographers’ Gallery.

Workshop at The Photographers’ Gallery, October 2022.

ServPub (April 2023 ->) is a collaborative research project to explore alternative publishing infrastructures, with the participation of CSNI, UCL Slade School of Art, SHAPE at Aarhus University, and grassroot art-tech collectives SysterserverIn-Grid and Creative Crowds. We are currently working on an experimental book project with Minor Compositions as part of Open Book Futures. More info here.

Workshop at CSNI, Oct 2023.

Projects in development:

Screenshot of Miro board, charting project development.

Ways of [Machine] Seeing is an ongoing CSNI project (since 2016), first initiated at University of Cambridge, with the participation of The Photographers’ Gallery, UCL Institute of Education and BBC, amongst others.

Networked crowds (2020->) is a project to explore networked and socially distanced crowds, initiated by Simon Terrill.

The Politics of the Networked Image in Collaborative Research (2020->) is a research initiative of CSNI and Unthinking Photography/The Photographers’ Gallery, led by Dr. Ioanna Zouli.


Previous projects include:

Documenting Digital Art: Re-thinking Histories and Practices of Documentation in the Museum and Beyond (2019-22) is a project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, and led by Professor Gabriella Giannachi, University of Exeter, with Dr Francesca Franco from the University of Exeter, Dr Annet Dekker and Katrina Sluis from CSNI//The Photographers’ Gallery, and Gaby Wijers, LIMA, Amsterdam.

Curating Photography in the Networked Image Economy (2018-2022) is a project funded by Swiss National Science Foundation, led by Dr Wolfgang Brückle, Lucerne University of Applied Arts and Sciences, in collaboration with Fotomuseum Winterthur, FotoColectania and The Photographers’ Gallery. It includes the involvement of Katrina Sluis, Nicolas Malevé, Gaia Tedone and Marco de Mutiis.

The Contemporary Condition: The Representation and Experience of Contemporaneity in and through Contemporary Arts Practice (2016-2021), project funded by the Danish Council for Independent Research at Aarhus University, and led by Jacob Lund and Geoff Cox.

Art and the Internet: The Network as a Research Area and Theme in New Visual Artistic Practices, project funded by Agencia Estatal de Investigación (Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, Government of Spain), led by Juan Martín Prada, Universidad de Cádiz. Research members include Andrew Dewdney, CSNI/LSBU, Annet Dekker, CSNI/University of Amsterdam.

Cultural Value and the Digital: Practice, Policy and Theory (2014), Arts and Humanities Research Council funded project with Royal College of Art and Tate Modern.

Tate Encounters: Britishness and Visual Cultures (2007-10), Arts and Humanities Research Council funded project with Wimbledon College of Arts and Tate Britain.