Consider the Environment

Join us on Wednesday 1st December 2021 at 15.00, online at, for our next research event “Consider the Environment,” with artist Kristina Pulejkova, discussing sustainable approaches to making work using digital and web-based technologies. During the session, Kristina will present recent work and share open-source tools that can be used towards creating digital work that is considerate towards the environment.

Kristina Pulejkova is a visual artist based in London. Her inter-disciplinary practice is informed by science and technology. Kristina’s work explores how the use of technology might lead to greater forms of sustainability in human-nature relationships. Working across moving image, sound and installation, she aims to build subjective narratives based on scientific data and principles. In her work, she tends to imagine voices from creatures, objects and even atoms in order to inhabit non-human perspectives. Through use of immersive technology, her works often deal with environmental issues, telling personal stories that place audiences at the centre of the scene, allowing for a protagonist’s perspective and a different way of seeing.

Kristina holds a Magisterium Degree (BA + MA) in Painting and Animation from the University for Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria (2012), and an MA Degree in Art and Science from Central Saint Martins, London, UK (2014). She is the recipient of the inaugural FLAMIN Fellowship by Film London (2017). Kristina’s works have been exhibited/screened at the National Gallery, Skopje, MK; MoCA, Skopje MK; The Science Museum, London, UK; MAN Museum, Sardinia, IT; The V&A, London, UK; MAK, Vienna, AT; Project Space Kunsthalle, Vienna, AT; Het Glaspaviljoen, Eindhoven, NL; Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam, NL; Art COP21 Paris, FR; Whitechapel Gallery, London, UK; Art Licks Festival, London UK; Lewisham Art House, London, UK; and Royal College of Arts, London, UK amongst others.


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Further links:

Kristina Pulejkova, Atom C (2016),

Kristina Pulejkova, Where We All Meet (2021),

Image (top): Where We All Meet (2021), film still, Kristina Pulejkova.

Image (above): Kristina Pulejkova, portrait photo, image by Levin Haegele.